Each year thousands of nonprofits are established, yet less than 3% of them survive 5 years.

Why is that? It is because they have not started on a strong foundation.

Starting a nonprofit is more than just filling out an application for the IRS. There are many services out there who will offer to do just that – and at discount prices!

Please don’t be fooled. Starting a nonprofit is not easy.

Most will find very soon that applying for and starting a nonprofit is much more involved than that and the expense goes up as a result. Unfortunately, by then it is too late and they either keep spending money with that process or by then have used up all that they have.

And, once they have received approval by the IRS they realize they have no idea how to do everything else that is involved with getting a nonprofit off the ground and running it.

That is why we developed the Nonprofit Starter Kit!

We have identified the crucial steps in starting a nonprofit right. Creating the foundation that is necessary for a nonprofit to have it is going to be successful.

Our Nonprofit Starter Kit will show you how to start a nonprofit on a strong foundation so that you really an make a difference.

Watch the video above to learn more about how we help nonprofits get started!

• Doug Clark's Amazon Best Seller "You CAN Start a Nonprofit!"
• 7 weeks of step by step instruction and support

A Logo for your Nonprofit

IRS Application Filled Out

A Website for your Nonprofit

EIN & State Registration, Bookkeeping Set up

Don’t wait! Get your nonprofit going today!

When you schedule a 30 minute interview, one of our Team members will give you a call and talk about what it is you are hoping to accomplish with your nonprofit.

We will also answer any questions about the Nonprofit Starter Kit. Then, if we have a match, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase your Nonprofit Starter Kit!

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It has been a really good experience working with the team at NonProfitStarterKit.com. Their skill and experience clearly show

– Claire M.

What a positive experience it has been and how much we have appreciate having everyone at NonProfitStarterKit.com guide us.

– Wendy B

The has been clear to me that not only is the team at NonProfitStarterKit.com very knowledgeable and skilled in what they do, but they also truly enjoy their work - and it shows!

– Greg W.

The people at NonProfitStarterKit.com from day one were fantastic! They quickly got us organized and committed for the task at hand. We needed their wisdom, experience and every to keep us focused and on target.

– Jay M

Everyone at NonProfitStarterKit.com did a wonderful job framing this process in such a positive way.

– Susan M